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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 12/22/2003: Updated and Final Adoption Report forebXML

David RR Webber - XML ebusiness wrote:

>This looks fabulous.   Just keeps getting better.
>One small nit - the word 'stark' in terms of growth - is one
>of those words with double meaning - like fast - as in stuck fast,
>so I would replace it with 'substantive' to avoid possible 
>confusion.  If you have time too - Smartdraw now has the CPP/CPA
>implemented too in VisualScript.
>Otherwise please forward it to Dee Schur and Carol so we can
>get it posted to the ebXML.org website.  Could we also have the
>Word doc available too?  Maybe have people email Carol to
>get a copy of that?  That will allow us to guage interest too.
mm1: Updated per the request. I have more updates but have to just 'cut 
if off.'  I would prefer to keep in .pdf, so there isn't 'mucking' with 
the information.


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