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Subject: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML JMT Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 15 Aug 2002

ebXML Joint Marketing Team (JMT) Steering Committee Minutes
15 August 2002

Mark Yader, GXS
Monica Martin, Certivo
Alexi Chiroka, IBM
Ajay Sondhi, ebXMLsoft
Michael Hickman, GXS
Jim Perry, Sterling Commerce
David Webber, XML Global
Carol Geyer, OASIS

Group decided to form ebXML JMT Steering Committee to be lead by David,
Jim, and Nita, and include all those who have expressed an interest in
chairing sub-committees.

The current ebXML Marketing Awareness Plan that was distributed to all
JMT list subscribers will be reviewed and updated. Revisions will be
distributed to the Steering Committee prior to next week's call. Revised
plan will include charters from each of the sub-committees.

Revised plan will be distributed to the JMT subscriber list the week of
26 August. At that time, members of OASIS and/or UN/CEFACT will be
encouraged to join the sub-committee of their choice. Non-members will
be re-subscribed to an ebXML Marketing discussion list from which they
can monitor the work of the group and provide input.

A web page for the ebXML JMT will be created on the www.ebxml.org site.

Action Items:
*Carol to create JMT Steering Committee mail list.
*David to draft revision to ebXML Marketing Awareness Plan from 6 June
2002, with input from Jim, Nita and others.
*Monica and Ajay to draft charter for Industry Group Outreach SC.
*Alexei to draft charter for Conferences and Seminars SC.
*Todd to draft charter for Web site/White Papers SC.
*Mark to draft charter for Solutions (User) SC and to arrange dial-in
for next call.

Next ebXML JMT Steering Committee conference call:
Thursday, 22 August 2002
2:00 pm ET
Hosted by GXS

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1 978.667.5115 x209

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