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Subject: [ebxml-mktg] freebXML Website Launched to Host 'free' ebXMLDevelopment Projects

freebXML Website Launched to Host 'free' ebXML Development Projects

A new website, freebXML (URL: http://www.freebxml.org), has been
launched to provide a centralized location for ebXML users and
developers from around the world to access and share 'free' ebXML code
and applications. Users and developers can also exchange their ebXML
development and deployment experience at www.freebXML.org. Some features
of www.freebxml.org include 'open source' projects for download,
deployment or use cases of ebXML technology, a list of ebXML vendor
products, latest news on freebXML, and discussion forums for developers
and users. Access to www.freebxml.org is free of charge and open to all
individuals and organizations interested in ebXML; no memberships are

For more information, see http://www.freebxml.org/pr.htm.

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1 978.667.5115 x209

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