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Subject: [ebxml-mktg] ebpml.org / Business Process Central



Jean-Jacques excells here.

Hats off for superb analysis, quotes, comments and site.

My question is - when do we get to stop all
this running after cats - and get one coherent

Is this so tough??  After all we have the one
multimedia processing language:  SMIL

not three or four of those!

I'd like to call for a BPIL 

Business Process Implementation Language.

as a joint collaboration between ebXML/OASIS
and W3C - to solve this.

No question that we now more than understand
the scope, needs, artifacts, and models to 
be able to write a clear requirements statement.

And we also understand enough about XML
scripting and designing process languages 
using so we can have three layers of 
enriching syntax that's readable and fun
to use for:

simple - point-2-point throw

medium - B2B query/response

complex - multi-threaded with decisions.

Actually SMIL is a pretty darn good model here!

If you design the syntax right using action elements
and parameters - it looks clear and simple on the
eye, defaults to sensible values, and it parses right.

You can hand-code and read SMIL and do 
quick things with a SMIL engine, or you can use a tool
for more fancy needs.

Then your modelling tools should be able to read in BPIL
and draw pretty diagrams.  Allow for "model extension"
section in the syntax where you can point to favourite
icon and image libaries, default colours, lines sizes and
all that 'stuff'.

Here's hoping.


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