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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg] Gartner & ebXML again


I think the lines are blurring.  Clearly the ebXML Registry with
data semantics is a vital component - not just of the B2B side,
but can also be purposed in the EAI world.

Also - the bigger vision we had 6 years ago - of enabling
the electronic enterprise shows that the XML documents
flow thru the process enabling the whole.  When you do that
the old stove pipe systems fade, and therefore a coherent
model and approach like ebXML will have impact and
use way beyond just B2B.

I'll stop here else I'll end up writing a book ; -)

Message text written by "Yader, Mark (GXS)"
Personally, I wouldn't expect any ebXML discussion, either positive or
negative, at a conference that focuses on EAI. ebXML is a B2B framework
incorporating a "business quality messaging" transport (ebMS), value-added
services by integrating Reg/Rep and BPSS into a cohesive architecture. Any
company who is seriously concerned about quality, reliability,
flexibility,..........will look at something more than just EAI/WS

Some personal reflections......


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