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Subject: [ebxml-mktg] Vendor forum ebXML project press

ebXML is spanning the globe.  We've seen two very favorable reports from
the Netherlands.

The October 2002 issue of CIO Magazine (Netherlands) features an
article, 'IT Strategy for Managers,' in which Dennis Gandasoebrata
describes the benefits of ebXML for business-to-business integration,
particularly vendor interoperability. He mentions some of the vendors
and user organizations participating in the European eBES ebXML Pilot
Project, a collaboration of CEN and OASIS.  This report was a result of
an ebXML presentation given by Pim van der Eijk, OASIS Europe, at the
LTT XML Day Amsterdam.  van der Eijk promoted ebXML saying it offers a
vendor-independent B2B framework that is suitable for both small- and
medium-sized buisnesses that don't currently use EDI or for larger
enterprises to reduce costs.  Interoperability enables business partners
to use different vendor implementations.

Another article, written by Teus Molenaar for "Computable" (Netherlands,
November 2002), features a large EDI implementation in the flower trade
where XML was not used.  In the interview, van der Eijk says that large
EDI users will migrate gradually to modern architectures, like ebXML.
In addition, he noted the eBES pilot would enable EDI companies and
their users to plan the migration.

To receive copies of these articles (in Dutch) contact

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