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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML Showcase Call for Papers

TO:  ebXML marketing team

Many thanks to Carol Geyer for the release.  We now need volunteers to review the paper proposals.  IDEAlliance has an easy-to-use system set up that makes the reviewing quite straightforward.  We will provide detailed instructions for ebXML paper reviewers, similar to the guidance provided for reviewers of proposals submitted for XML Europe as a whole.

Please respond to akotok@disa.org /+1 703-518-4174.  Many thanks in advance for your help.

Alan Kotok
Editor, <E-Business*Standards*Today/>, http://www.disa.org/dailywire/
Co-author, ebXML: The New Global Standard (Sept 2001, New Riders), http://www.ebxmlbooks.com/

Carol Geyer <carol.geyer@oasis-open.org> wrote:

>OASIS and UN/CEFACT will cosponsor ebXML Showcase, a special two-day
>event at XML Europe 2003, 5-6 May 2003 in London.
>We encourage all organizations that have implemented ebXML to consider
>taking part in this program. It promises to be a great opportunity for
>ebXML communities to learn about planning for, integrating with, and
>augmenting ebXML applications. For developers and users, the ebXML
>Showcase will provide an international forum to discuss the business
>problems solved, methods employed, and value received from using the
>ebXML specifications.
>The deadline for proposals is 31 January 2003. Presentations must be
>submitted via the online form at
>http://www.xmleurope.com/2003/ebxml.asp. Each proposal requires an
>abstract, not exceeding 500 words. Members of the Steering Committee of
>the OASIS UN/CEFACT Joint Marketing Team (JMT) on ebXML will review the
>papers and select the presentations.
>If selected for the ebXML Showcase, speakers will need to submit a
>complete paper marked up in XML, using a DTD (to be provided upon
>acceptance) designed for conference papers, by 15 March 2003.
>IDEAlliance will provide authoring tools to help write the papers and
>For questions about the ebXML Showcase, contact Alan Kotok at
>akotok@disa.org /+1 703-518-4174.
>For more information about XML Europe 2003 please contact Jane Harnad,
>XML Europe 2002 Conference Director, at jharnad@idealliance.org.
>Carol Geyer
>Director of Communications
>Voice: +1 978.667.5115 x209

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