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Subject: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML interoperability test results online report.

For those of you involved in messaging technology
"under the hood" the Drummond Group has an
excellent report available:


You can also sign-up to receive update reports from the website.

This report highlights the gulf between "saying" and "doing".

ebXML messaging works - and we can show you exactly how.

Great to know there are folks out there that are making a
difference for customers in terms of ensuring product
quality and consistency.

We take for granted that so many daily lives things work - but
miss the effort to get it that way (your coffee cup fits in the 
console holder in your car; the gas nozzle fits into your tank,

Kudos to all the vendors and their staff that have put 
countless hours into delivering on the vision here.

Enjoy, DW.

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