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Subject: SAP to add EDI/industry XML spec support, backs ebXML Core Components, UBL

TO: ebXML Marketeers

On today's Daily Wire ...

SAP to add EDI/industry XML spec support, backs ebXML Core Components, UBL

11 June 2003 -- SAP AG today announced it is expanding the integration capabilities of SAP NetWeaver with add-on packages comprising pre-configured, industry-specific business content and support for XML-based data exchange standards of diverse industries.

SAP says beginning with offerings for the high tech and chemicals industries -- providing native support for RosettaNet and Chem eStandards, as well as pre-configured mappings for the most common EDI standards -- the pre-packaged business content in SAP NetWeaver will allow companies to avoid costly, time-consuming integration projects, and enable their IT systems to exchange information in the lingua franca of their respective industries. 

In addition to RosettaNet and the Chem eStandards, SAP supports industry data exchange standards UCCnet (consumer products and retail industries), papiNet (paper industry), HL7 (health care), and PIDX (petroleum). The company says it is helping drive compatibility of applications and business processes with other vertical- and cross-industry standards initiatives. 

SAP is also a major contributor to ebXML Core Components and Universal Business Language (UBL) and believes that broad adoption of these specifications will help increase interoperability of IT systems and software applications, especially across industries. 

More details: http://www.sap.com/company/press/press.asp?pressID=2281

Best regards.

Alan Kotok 
Editor, E-Business*Standards*Today, http://www.disa.org/dailywire/ 
Editor, ebXML Forum, http://www.ebxmlforum.org/ 

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