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Subject: ebXML demonstration at Auto-Tech conference

TO: ebXML Marketing Committee

The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and OAG/NIST B2B TestBed Initiative plan to demonstrate ebXML technology at the Auto-Tech conference being held 26-28 August in Detroit.  This demo is a critical opportunity to illustrate ebXML in action before an industry that has supported ebXML, but also has its share of skeptics.   As those who have taken part in proof of concept or interoperability demos can attest, these exercises convey powerful messages to observers about ebXML's operations, strength, modularity, and ability to complement existing technologies.

The OAG/NIST B2B TestBed team has started developing business scenarios for the demo, but is still open to participation by companies working in or supporting the automotive industry.  For more information about the demonstration and participation in it, please contact Tony Blazej of OAG, at blazej@direcway.com [760.751.9053 Pacific Time Zone].

Alan Kotok 
Editor, E-Business*Standards*Today, http://www.disa.org/dailywire/ 
Editor, ebXML Forum, http://www.ebxmlforum.org/ 

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