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Subject: ebXML Registry Services v2.5 and ebXML RIM v2.5 approved as OASIS Committee Specs

OASIS is proud to announce that the ebXML Registry Services
Specification v2.5 and the ebXML Registry Information Model
Specification v2.5 have both been approved as OASIS Committee
Specifications.  These documents can be viewed from the Registry TC Home
Page under the Documents link

An ebXML Registry provides services for sharing information and provides
publishing and discovery of that information.  This allows organizations
to locate business process information and other artifacts needed for
electronic business.  Key features and functions of an ebXML Registry
include registration of any type of object, associations between any two
objects, links to external content, life cycle management of objects,
flexible query options, security functions, inter-registry cooperation,
and event archiving for a complete audit trail.

The OASIS ebXML Registry v2.5 specifications included several new
enhancements and features. Content-based event subscription and
notification is one new feature in the v2.5 specifications. Another new
feature, Content Management Services, includes automatic semantic
content validation, automatic content cataloging, and plug-in support
for user-defined content management services.  Version 2.5 supports a
distributed registry based on a federated model.  This enhancement
includes features for federated query support, linking of content and
metadata across registry boundaries, replication of content and metadata
among registries, and moving of content and metadata from one registry
to another as needed.   Access control and authorization is based on the
XACML 1.0 standard, and provides for fine grained, or custom access
control and authorization.  There is now a provision for a pure HTTP
interface to the registry that allows ebXML Registries to interoperate
with other types of registries, as well as enhancements to query

Congratulations to OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee chair,
Kathryn Breininger of Boeing, and all the TC members including
representatives from Booz Allen Hamilton, NIST, Sterling Commerce, Sun
Microsystems, and others.

If you are interested in learning more, or in joining the OASIS ebXML
Registry Technical Committee, please see

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1 978.667.5115 x209

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