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Subject: FYI: JXTA based ebXML Project

ebxml Project


Mission Statement

To provide a p2p-based ebXML framework based on JXTA.


As stated in ebxml.org's web site (http://www.ebxml.org/), the mission of ebXML (Elsctronic Busines using eXtensible Markup Language)
and UBL (Universal Business Language), sponsored by OASIS and UN/CEFACT, is "To provide an open XML-based infrasture enabling the global use of
electronic business information in an interoperable, secure and  consistent manner by all parties."

This project use JXTA technology as the core infrastructure and open sources from other resources as the utilities to build the ebXML framework. This p2p-based ebXML framework based on JXTA will enable a peer-to-peer global electronic market to meet and conduct business through the exchange of XML-based messages.

This project is a multi-staged effort to scope, specify, architect and implement an peer-to-peer ebXML framework based on JXTA.

Design Principles

1.      Customer is number one.

2.      Provide security consistent with Internet security models and protect business's privacy.

3.      Leverage existing standards.

4.      Provide the infrasture independent of underlying networks, operating systems and programming languages.

5.      Provide open, interoperable, scalable, extensible, modular architecture.



Zachary Alexander

The IT Investment Architect

ebTDesign LLC, (703) 283-4325





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