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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] ebXML Forum: UDDI and ebXML Registries -- Three-Tier Vision

TO: ebXML Marketing Committee

The new issue of ebXML Forum, the independent voice of the ebXML community,  has an article by Joseph Chiusano of Booz Allen Hamilton describing a three-tiered approach to interactions and interoperability among UDDI and ebXML registries. Joe also describes a pilot project that addresses tier 3 of this vision that is currently underway in the U.S. Federal CIO Council’s XML Web Services Working Group. You will find the article posted at http://www.ebxmlforum.org/ .

Thank you for your readership.  Best regards.

Alan Kotok
Editor, ebXML Forum, http://www.ebxmlforum.org/
+1 540-729-1421

p.s. We post this announcement to multiple lists.  If you receive more than one copy, please accept our apologies.

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