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Subject: [announce] ebXML adoption report

ebXML Adoption Update
Monica Martin, Sun Microsystems 

OASIS has prepared this document in collaboration with OASIS member
organizations and partners to give a global picture of the current
status of ebXML adoption1. Our aim is to increase awareness of the
substantial amount of ebXML-related activity occurring throughout the
world today. This report -- which represents our best initial and
ongoing research at this time and may not be exhaustive -- summarizes
the status of close to 100 completed, ongoing or progressive
ebXML-related projects. ebXML is unique in the breadth of its
standards vision and arguably represents the culmination of all
previous standards efforts toward a shared global Internet-based B2B
framework. ebXML is complementary to many existing standards, such
as legacy EDI, XML-based business document standards, and Web Services.
Decision makers, involved in global B2B commerce and responsible
for making B2B infrastructure investments must evaluate their business
strategies and consider the likely need to support trading partners
who will want to engage electronically using ebXML protocols.

See also ebXML References: http://xml.coverpages.org/ebXML.html

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