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Subject: [Fwd: ebXML Transport level Acks]

Please see Chris's response (attached). I recommend that we not worry
about the ebXML (transport) acks for this round of prototype.



please forward to ebxml-poc as although I'm on the list, 
the list server is bouncing my emails.

This will be in the reliable messaging spec (I imagine)
The requirements doc does address acks, but this definitely
needs to be made more clear as to the distinction between
business-level and transport-level acks.

transport-level acks are used solely for the purpose of
providing reliable messaging at the transport level.

business-level acks are defined by the BP and treated as
simply another message as far as the transport is concerned.



Prasad Yendluri wrote:
> Chris,
> There have been references to ebXML transport level acks. Where is the
> specification for this ? Is the description in requirement document what
> we have to use now? That is incomplete for practical use at this point
> (and looks like business level acks).
> Thanks, Prasad

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