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Subject: Couple of thoughts


Let me throw couple of thoughts into the mix.

One thing good we did last time around was, use a well defined scenario
(Travel Profile Update) and associated roles and the roles were played
by individual companies. Turned out we played multiple roles in the end
but, the plan was to have a separate organization play a role. It was a
well defined and coordinated coherent demo.

I am a little concerned with the anybody sending and receiving to anyone
approach. I think we need to be able to present a coherent demo, that
plays out a real business scenario in a well orchestrated manner, that
we can present at the closing plenary. With anyone sending to anyone and
people requiring to find their partner etc., I am worried that this
might come down to some sort of competition, like who can do with how
many different people etc. based on some private agreements.

The proposal I made was trying to emulate an ebusiness supply-chain
scenario, incorporating a Hub at the center; a realistic and already
prevalent scenario IMHO. Attempting to ship RosettaNet PIP payload made
it a very powerful story for ebXML indeed. I agree very much that we
should be focussing on demonstrating ebXML  TR&P capabilities  and less
(probably not at all) on back-end and product

Hence I would like to request that we reconsider the anything goes
approach and work towards a business scenario that incorporates all
parties interested in participating.

Regards, Prasad

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