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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: Please send transport endpoint info for test serer setup.

The test server compliant with the POC demo proposal is ready. 
I will send you the URL of the site soon. Before that, I need to know
the transport endpoints of the demo participants for TPA configurations.
i.e. http URL, SMTP address as well as Email address of a person,
who can be contacted for sending back any error messages, etc.
Since, the current demo proposal does not support exceptions
and error handing, any failures are not sent automatically to 
partner processes.

Hoping to get the above specified information from you all soon.
Also, please feel free to send any comments/ideas about using
the test server apart from testing ebXMLHeader compliance,
getting back Acks and response messages, etc.

Sanjay Patil
Work Phone: 408 350 9619

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