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Subject: TOKYO POC

Sorry for the delay in posting to the list, but I took a couple of days R&R 
and then had few hundred e-mails to work through :(

As promised here is a proposed schedule of conf. calls (9 a.m. PDT) up to 
the Tokyo meeting. Please note that I am suggesting a f2f meeting to review 
plans, issues, validate implementations etc. in mid. October. Let me know 
if there is anyone interested in hosting this - If there are no takers then 
Sun (S.F. Bay Area) will sign up. Please let me know asap. thx.

August--- 24 (Fujitsu)
Sept.------ 7 (Netfish)
Sept.------ 21 (Sun)
October-- 5 (Viquity)
October-- 10,11,12 (Face-2-Face - Location/Host?)
October-- 26 (Vitria)
Nov.------- 2 (webMethods)

I have the following folks show some level of interest and/or commitment to 
participate in the Tokyo POC. The list is in no particular order. Since not 
everyone was able to make the Thursday a.m. meeting in San Jose, could you 
please e-mail me and confirm you interest/level of participation/area of 
interest. Thanks in advance.

XML Solutions
VA Corp
Data Channel
Ajuba Solutions
Software AG
Mega Intl

Apologies if I didn't get all the spellings right - just e-mail me and 
straighten me out. I will send out the agenda for next Thursdays meeting. 
Please keep in mind that the key item is the review of POC proposals. 
Hopefully you will get some early drafts out to the list for review. As we 
discussed the proposals will need to be backed up by some indication as to 
who(m) is/are potentially signed-up to deliver on the given proposal. If 
you would like to table a proposal to solicit support that's OK, but please 
don't table requirements for the POC.

As a goal - I would like us to have one or more proposals agreed to by mid 
to end of September. If you have any suggestions as to how we can make the 
TOKYO POC even more effective please let me know.


p.s. A number of folks wanted a copy of the slideware I used in San Jose - 
so I'm attaching it (the web site seems to be down for now else I would 
have sent you a URL).

poc demo.pps

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