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Subject: ebXML PoC -- TR&P conference call on Wednesday


As I suggested last week, I'd like to schedule a conference call tomorrow,
Wednesday, specifically for the TR&P part of the ebXML proof-of-concept.
Please note that this call is different from the one that was announced
earlier today by Sid, which pertains to all of ebXML PoC (and which will be
held on Thursday).

Per Nick's suggested schedule, each of the sub-teams need to present an
initial proposal to be discussed in the Thursday call. In order to prepare,
folks interested in the TR&P aspects of the PoC are invited to participate
in tomorrow's call. Not too many people responded to my earlier request for
participation in the call, but I hope that most of you can make it (and it's
a free call!  (if you are US-based)):

Call details:

Date: Wednesday, September 6
Time: 8AM Pacific time
Toll-free: 877-241-3594
Toll: 334-323-4224
Passcode: 611793

I realize that some of you may have a conflict with the RosettaNet RNIF2
face-to-face that takes places tomorrow and the day after, and for that I

I'll send out a proposal for discussion later this afternoon.


Philippe De Smedt
Viquity Corporation (www.viquity.com)
1161 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2102
(408) 548-9722
(408) 747-5586 (fax)

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