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Subject: Notes on POC conf. call

So here are a few notes I took following the conf. call today.

1) Team leads gave an update on the sub-proposal - Agreed on the following:
         - Need to use a standard proposal template - Use SJ POC doc format 
as an example
         - Need to get to a point where regrep can table an implementable 
spec - Farrukh to help drive the process
         - Phillipe owns (for now) the POC roles matrix - this needs to be 
published asap so contributors can allocate resources based on their 
interests and expertise - the populated  matrix will eventually be folded 
into the overall proposal reflecting the level of commitment to the Tokyo POC
         - Nick will use the matrix and ping interested parties for their 
commitment on dlivering
         - The high-level business message is still in the works (Steve to 
post this - based on CGI) asap
         - Agreed that not every participant needs to do everything - 
picking a specific role and delivering on that is acceptable

2) Agreed to do a f2f  meeting in Southern Cal. on 10/17,18,19 - Hatem to 
forward details to the list

3) Agreed to the following milestones - goal is to do as much integration 
testing *before* Tokyo - Sid owns hosting a public test platform - need to 
work out the details.

>POC Milestones
>Sub proposal drafts tabled (Philippe, Mark, Dale) -> 9/7/00
>POC Business message tabled (Steve/Melanie) -> 9/7/00
>Sub proposal final tabled (prop. leads) -> 9/21/00
>List of "interested" participants tabled (Nick) -> 9/21/00
>POC Proposal tabled (Steve/Melanie) -> 9/28/00
>List of *Committed* participants tabled (Nick) -> 9/28/00
>POC Proposal final (WG) -> 10/12/00
>Technical/logistical review (All) -> f2f , 10/17/00
>Target for pre-Tokyo Integration testing (All) -> 10/26/00

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