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Subject: re: Tokyo POC choreography - regrep



Here's what we have so far (see attached PDF).

As you say - once the RegRep team has the real interface and 
classification spec's done by the 21st Sept then we can add meat
to these bones.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Krishna Sankar
Hi all,

        As we are discussing, it would be nice if we all get the
configuration and
other partner information from a regrep implementation. To that effect,
are my suggestions and queries:

        1.      Define Information Set - I think P.12 of SJ POC which lists
the min
required information, is a good starting point.

        2.      Are we all are getting the partner information we need from
an external
source - hopefully from a file in XML format ? If so, then we can abstract
this functionality and redirect it to a regrep implementation as needed.
Also, if we start doing this now, we will also know what information we
from the regrep.

        3.      It would be good if we can workout some integration at the
LA meeting.
To that end, I am slowly trying to develop a regrep implementation (which
course, will be finalized after the regrep specs is done). I am looking to
work with somebody to start integration, at least at the messaging level
exchanging test documents. So when the regrep is finalized, we can do the
real integration.

                I know that we are still working on the matrix et al. I
just want to see
if there is anybody whom I can start working together, sharing ideas et al.




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