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Subject: RE: Proposal: A Registry Browser GUI tool

Farrukh, I think I hear Dale here volunteering to provide
us with some strawman documentation on this that we
can meld into the spec's, don't you think??

Probably best to wait until tomorrow when you have the
latest revised draft out - so that Dale can read that,  see 
the interface pieces we have so far - and then fill in the
blanks for us (coz I know we put in the placeholder but
we've not approached this yet).

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by "Moberg, Dale"
I might have missed something but
are we still planning to have
an automated TPP merge capability
in the registry (if all that is
needed is just to adjust
the partner-- oops, party-- identities.)

I still am not certain how the merge
or TPA formation was to work within the registry.

Farrukh, do you think that is a reasonable
thing to complete for this POC or maybe
that it will take a little more time?

Also, I am not clear on how all these
proposals for functionality for the POC
get merged. Does someone like say
Nick ;-) supply that service? Do 
we have to thrash around reviewing
each one and then reach a consensus (yikes).

Dale Moberg

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