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Subject: RE: POC Demo's One-only, two-in-one, two-separate....?

Krishna Sankar wrote:
>	From what I understand, at the moment, the thought is that there will be
>one eintegrated demo. The starting point of the integrated proposal is
>Mark's document sent on 9/28. I plan to work with Mark, Philippe, Sig et al
>and send the first cut by COB Sunday.

Maybe you meant this in the first place, but demo planners
need to understand that the GCI and automotive content
come from different supply chains and so you can't really
mix and match, e.g. send cheese to the Ford assembly
line when they want gears.
The materials group had a proposal for taking a business
document from one context and adapting it for the other;
that would be cool.

Good luck,
Bob Haugen

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