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Subject: Re: ebXML Headers Doc for Tokyo

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi

I have a problem with #5. Why does the Action have to have DocumentLabel
the suffix "Action" ? Why should the DocumentLabel alone not be sufficient?
is unique within the ServiceInterface. I use the action in my RR impl to
map to
a method call within the interface directly. Your suggestion would require
me to
parse the "Action" suffix out. Can we just stick with:

Action = DocumentLabel

BTW, If you have some cycles please look over the RR TRP messages I sent as
sanity check. Thanks for your help and support.


This seems unreliable.   I'm using the combination of the header and the
since the RR payload explicitly names the action required; that should take

prescedence over the header in anycase.   The header may just have generic
information - depending on the diligence of the sender.


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