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Subject: RE: Sample Pacakged Messages for RR Browse and Drill Down in Trac k 1


First of all, thank you for taking the time to put these together.  They
have come in quite handy in a number of ways.  However, in using them I have
identified some discrepancies.

1.  You are missing the version 0.21 (or 1.0) in the Content-Type header
2.  You are missing the xmlns attribute off your ebXMLHeader element

I think it is critical that we all syncronize this week on what these
headers will look like for reg/rep queries.  Farruhk's samples are 95% of
the way there with the exceptions noted above.

Two outstanding questions to all POC'ers:

1.  Should the name of the Action be getRootClassificationNodesRequest or
getRootClassificationNodesAsync?  I believe it should be the former based
upon my interpretation of the Reg/Rep spec.

2.  Should we be using the ReceiverURI element in the RoutingHeader as the
URI where to send the response?  My belief after reading the TRP spec is
yes, but I want to qualify so that we all fill in these fields correctly.

We can ensure the Reg/Rep specification is clear on this point when we get
back from Tokyo, but in order for Tokyo to work we must all have correct

Does anyone have any additional issues with the headers other than what has
already been identified?

Thanks to all.


-----Original Message-----
From: Farrukh Najmi
To: ebXML poc
Sent: 10/27/2000 6:51 PM
Subject: Sample Pacakged Messages for RR Browse and Drill Down in Track 1

POC friends,

Attached are the sampl e RR Browse and Drill Down messages for Track 1.
The RR team will add such samples in post Tokyo version of the RR
Services spec.

Please note that the samples are based on the DTD sent by Mark and not
teh spec when it comes to the discrepency in having a RoutingInfo under
RoutingHeader. As always let me know of any questions or problems.

Note that in many cases the URIs are not yet valid due to temporaryt
limitations in my message logging. For a sample of good URI see


<<GetClassifiedObjectsResponse.sample.xml>>  <<Card for Farrukh Najmi>> 

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