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Subject: RE: Proposed Tokyo Agenda


Thanks for sending the agenda.

It may be useful for PoC participants to know that the ebXML Transport,
Routing, and Packaging working group is planning to set aside one hour each
day to brief members of the PoC on the discussions they may have missed
because they were working on the demo. I don't know the timing of these
briefings, but I'm sure we'll find out at Tokyo. Safe trip everyone.

Philippe De Smedt
Viquity Corporation (www.viquity.com)
1161 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2102
(408) 548-9722
(408) 747-5586 (fax)

-----Original Message-----
From: Nicholas Kassem [mailto:nick.kassem@eng.sun.com]
Sent: Friday, November 03, 2000 2:20 AM
To: Yoshi Russell; Ebxml-Poc (E-mail)
Subject: Proposed Tokyo Agenda

Sunday Nov. 5
9:00-17:00	ad-hoc meeting for initial f2f, logistical review, planning

Monday Nov. 6
11:00-17:30	POC integration & testing

Tuesday Nov. 7
08:00-1800	POC final testing

Wednesday Nov. 8
08:00-14:00	POC staging review
15:00-17:00	POC demo
19:30		Team dinner/drinks

Thursday Nov. 9
08:00-10:00	Vancouver planning
10:00-11:00	Feedback reporting team
11:00-12:00	Other POC business

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