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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: Request for proposals

Dear POCers,

As per the discussion we had on our conf. call this a.m. the closing date 
for the Vancouver proposals will be moved to COB on 12/15. Please note that 
we need to keep these outlines limited to no more than 2-3 pages. The 
intent is to capture the high level points - the following is simply a 

- *What* would be shown (The BP model, Transactions DTD's/XML messages, 
Choreographies etc. )
- *Why* it would be good to show this, i.e. why should the POC spend the 
cycles on this scenario
- *Who* will be supporting this POC, i.e. list of supporters (not vendors) 
who endorse the message the POC will send out (we had GCI and AIAG in Tokyo)
- *How* will this POC be accomplished - vendors/users/IT folk 
involved  (this can be fleshed out later)

As we have discussed repeatedly, if it isn't in an ebXML spec. we can't 
show it in the POC. Given that the ebXML infra-structure is on an 
accelerated path then we need to give particular attention to TR&P, RegRep 
& TP.

I would also like volunteers who can help pull a final proposal together - 
you know the drill :-) Specifically I need owners in the following area:

- TR&P & Physical Topology
- RegRep
- TP
- Logistics

Please take one virtual step forward. Would be good to spread the work load 
around as much as possible but I would still like to have a single contact 
person in each one of these areas. Thanks in advance


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