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Subject: Interoperability Testing

Hi group,

   In today's call, someone mentioned a need to conduct interoperability 
testing for their registry on Monday afternoon before the rehearsal. I 
too am concerned with the interoperability aspect of our prototype.

   I will be deploying our registry server on a public ip/port for 
testing with other parties. With some assistance from Mark Hale, I will 
be conducting a few short tests next week.

   Is there any interest in the group in deploying prototypes onto the 
net for routine remote testing? If so, I am willing to dedicate 
resources toward a 'testbed' ebxml network. Comments or suggestions on this?

// mike.joya@xmlglobal.com
// XML Global
// POC Project Team - ebXML
// Vancouver, Canada
// 604.717.1100 x230

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