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Subject: Security Proposal

Hi all,

	We need to have a placeholder for a security proposal. The aim of the
proposal is to :

		1.	Show TRP security
		2.	Show Registry Security
		3.	Develop competency in Security Infrastructure - CAs, Certificates etc

	I saw interest from the following participants:

	Hatem, Sid, Krishna, Dale (?), Philippe (?), Mark (?)

	For the Vancouver, we can get away with a technology only implementation
(with out any marketing spin). We desperately need the experience with CAs,
certificates etc so that future POCs (like London et al) could show POCs
with marketing spin.

	As the TRP folks are working hard, we can assume that there will be a TRP
security specification - which has enough details for us to we can work on.
This is a slightly a leap of faith as we might have to start making some
assumptions and make corrections as we move forward - which we are good at
doing, anyway.

	Does it make sense ?

	Hatem/Sid should we get together on a conf call to make a first cut at this

	Nick, do you have any comments ?


	Also, if you all can read thru the Registry security sepcifications and
give feedback, it would help. I am trying to get as much feedback as I can.

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