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Subject: Re: Technical Architecture v 0.94a

Hello all,

In case any of you noticed that the URL Duane provided was incorrect, 
here is one that should work:


-Matthew MacKenzie

Duane Nickull wrote:

> >From the Editors:
> Here is the ebXML Technical Architecture Specification v 0.94a.
> I apologize for posting it to my personal server but we needed to get it
> out by the end of business today.  The URL is:
> http://www.duane.xmlglobal.com/ebxml/
> PDF versions and the Change log and log of comment disposition will be
> available shortly.
> This is the latest work which incorporates all the comments from Japan
> and the QA Team.  The Editors are very confident that this should be
> granted a green light from the TA and QRT Team for a second comment
> period (see schedule below).
> A Change log will be available early next week.
> PLEASE review this document.  Keep in mind that small fixes and minor
> suggestions should be delayed until the official comment period.
> If there is a show stopper item, please note it but also keep in mind
> that these can be fixed during the comment period.  We need to keep this
> process on schedule (see below)
> Read the document and vote either "Yes" or "No" on whether it should be
> sent to the planary for the second review period.
> More details on how to vote will be sent out shortly.
> The milestones until Vancouver would be;
> 15 Dec - Submission to the TechArch and the QR teams
> 22 Dec - Submission for the 2nd review cycle
> 12 Jan - End of 2nd review cycle
> 19 Jan - Submission of the final version to the TechArch and the QR
> teams
> 26 Jan - Submission of the final version to the ebXML community
> 9 Feb - Vote by the ebXML plenary
> Duane Nickull
> (on behalf of)
> The Editors of the Technical Architecture PT

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