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Subject: [XML One - London] Teleconference Thursday 1/5/01

I have setup a teleconference to begin XML One London planning. The
teleconference details are:

	January 4, 2001
	9:00 am PST
	USA Toll Free Number: 800-369-1821
	USA Toll Number: +1-712-257-3198 - International calls
	LEADER:   Mr Mark Hale

Teleconference Agenda:

      - Proposal topics
      - How do we handle back-end integration?  Will this be permitted?
      - How do we handle short demo time?
      - F2F

XML One London conference details:

	XML One - London, England
	The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
	Conference: 19-22 March 2001
	Exhibition: 21-22 March 2001
	Web site:	http://www.xmlconference.com/london/index.asp

POC Activities:

      - Wednesday, March 21, 13:00
        POC Demonstration to press

      - Wednesday, March 21, 14:15-15:00
        POC Demonstration to general audience

      - TBD, 1.5 hours
        POC Spec implementation details

Proposal deadline for participants:  1/12/01



Mark A. Hale, Ph.D., P.E.                               408-220-7483 tel
Standards Architect                                     408-774-2002 fax
Interwoven                                      mark.hale@interwoven.com
1195 W. Fremont Avenue                         http://www.interwoven.com
Sunnyvale, CA  94087

                 Interwoven...  Moving Business to the Web

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