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Subject: [XML One London] Minutes from 1/4 Telecon

Telecon Minutes from 1/4/01

This telecon addresses concept behind XML One, London demonstration.
Regular POC telecon will continue on 1/11/01.


	Krishna Sankar, Cisco
	Albert Maruggi, TIE Commerce
	Susan ?, TIE Commerce
	Sid Askary, Netfish
	Sig Handleman, IBM
	Michael Weiner, IBM
	JP Morgenthal, XML Solutions
	Yoshi Russell, XML Solutions
	Jim Clark, I.C.O.T.
	Eric ?, Group 8760
	Phillipe DeSmedt, Viquity
	Bill Cox, Viquity
	Bob Haugen, ?
	Dimitri Cherkassky, CommerceOne
	Steve Yung, SUN
	Phil Basman, Savvion
	David ?, Savvion
	Jacques Durand, Savvion
	Maeve Naughton, Interwoven
	Mark Hale, Interwoven

New Timeline:

	Proposal Deadline, January 26
            - Proposals should be written with the intent
              to be part of an end-to-end POC demonstration
              of all ebXML WG specifications in 'Geneva'
            - Proposals must be backed by a specification
            - Submitted to POC mail list

	Proposal Voting, February 8

	Vancouver, Feb 12-16, Face-to-face at ebXML Meeting
		- Will be a POC working group meeting.  No POC
		  demonstration as a group.  ebXML will not
              release press about any vendor software
            - Planning time will be devoted to success
              of 'Geneva' meeting
            - Face-to-face meeting will be Feb 12-13
              Mandatory for those wanting to be in 'Geneva'
            - Time will be used to craft end-to-end POC

	XML One London, March 19-22, Marketing event
            - Will be a subset of end-to-end POC demonstration
              to be held in 'Geneva' much like San Francisco was
              to Tokyo
            - Pure marketing event
            - Press conference, March 21, 13:00-13:45
              Plenary demonstration, March 21, 14:15-15:00
              Open Session, March 22, 15:30-17:30
            - Open Session is lead by Hatem ElSebaaly, IPNet and
              Mark Hale, Interwoven.  Topic is "Implementing
              ebXML Specifications"
            - Any PR references full 'Geneva' team

	New York, March 26-30, Marketing event
            - An unconfirmed press event will be held this week
            - Envision a subset of 'Geneva' as is London
            - More to come.
            - Any PR references full 'Geneva' team

	'Geneva', April 2-6, End-to-End ebXML Demonstration
            - City is TBD, speculation is that it will be New York.
              Referenced here as 'Geneva' until city is determined.
		- Full end-to-end demonstration of the Spec
            - Designed in Vancouver
            - This is the anticipated meeting where
              there is full vendor support and the showing
              to the world that ebXML is here

Comments (brackets indicate venue):

[London] (Q)  There is opportunity for ebXML to have permanent
              floor space throughout the show (9 pods).  Is POC
              interested in a week-long demo in the booth?  Perhaps
              something that could be done in conjunction with
              remote testing
         (A)  Let's think about it but lower priority than main

[Geneva] (Q)  Can there be another f2f before 'Geneva' for real-time
         (A)  Perhaps in London?  Perhaps another site?
         (A)  Promote real-time testing.
         (A)  Sounds like we need to make sure to evolve what we have
              (e.g. Tokyo implementations) to make sure we can meet
              the deadlines

[London] (Q)  What should we do with the two hour session at XML One?
         (A)  Proposed to divide the 2 hours into small software
              demonstrations from vendors with real product
              scenarios with ebXML.  Schedule would be posted
              ahead of time.  Envisioned to about 4 demos with
              2-3 vendors each.
         (A)  Proposed to do a lessons-learned and acceptance&
              adoption discussion to cater to the XML One audience.
              Perhaps do this as the first 30 minutes to an hour
              of the session

[London, New York, Geneva]
         (A)  Comments:  all focus is on 'Geneva'
              end-to-end.  London and New York are subsets of
	   (A)  London and New York are marketing
         (A)  London session is only place vendor implementations
              are permitted.  Exception is exhibitor booths
              at XML One.

[Vancouver] (Q)  What about business process?
          (A) Will be doing an implementation for feedback to BP
              and to POC WG for 'Geneva' even if POC demonstration
              is not held.
          (A) No press will be released concerning these
              activities because not a POC activity.  Needed to
              protect vendor suppport of full-effort 'Geneva'
          (A) Will be discussed in next POC telecon

I hope that I have captured everything.  Please feel free to add your

	Have a great day,


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