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Subject: Clarification on participation for new members

Good morning.

In response to several questions by new members of the POC, I wanted to
clarify eligibility for participation surrounding the proposal process.  In
short, you do not need to submit a proposal in order to be eligible.

The process works like this:

	Proposals are submitted by POC and non-POC members
		that highlight portions of the specification
 		that need feedback from implementation.  These
 		are due today.  Proposals are for an end-end
		demonstration in 'Geneva'.

	POC reviews the proposals and the suggested topics.

	POC votes on the proposal topics to see which can be
		accomplished and have POC vendor support (we
		realize the member companies need to have an
		interest in the topic as well).  Voting times
		will be discussed once we see the proposals.

	The resulting proposals are worked into a new proposal
		with specific choreographies.

	Roles are assigned to participating POC vendors.  We
		work as a team to find roles that match vendor
		interest.  This will be done in Vancouver.

I hope this helps and have a great day.  Feel free to e-mail me with any
further questions.


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