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Subject: RE: end-to-end from the Core Components team

Sig et al,

	Good (if not excellent) work !

	Just as a suggestion, the next drill down could be sequence diagrams for
each interaction and message formats and samples for each seq diagram steps.

	Looks like there are 4 roles in the Visa model (Can we call this financial
model just to be generic ?) and 2 roles in the automotive model.

	As we add more details, we also should add the CC vocabulary and an
interaction to pull-in the CCs from the registries - either real time or
during a configuration or even an out-of-band phase.

	cheers and once again Kudos for the good work

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sigmund Handelman [mailto:swhandel@us.ibm.com]
> Sent: Friday, January 26, 2001 11:54 AM
> To: mark.hale@interwoven.com
> Cc: ebXML POC; pjan@visa.com; mblantz@netfish.com;
> eric.arnold@us.cgeyc.com
> Subject: Re: end-to-end from the Core Components team
> Hello,
> This is the 0.1 Proof of Concept Proposal from the Core Components team on
> two scenarios, Payment Authority procedures, and Manufacturing Planning
> using Core Components, CPP's, TRP, Registry and Business Process. The 0.2
> level of this document should be out on the list by next Weds. as we drill
> down on the subjects.
> Regards, Sig
> (See attached file: ebXMLCore Components for London POC v0.1.doc)

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