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Subject: Suggested omissions for 0.93 compliance - London / New Yorkdemonstrations

   To suit our own needs and to simplify development, I propose the
following omissions from the TRP 0.93 spec. I make these proposals with
the foresight that they will be likely omissions during the
SOAP revision cycle.

* Omit "EbxmlHeader/ApplicationHeaders"
* Omit "EbxmlHeader/StatusData"

  ApplicationHeaders is not a required element as is. StatusData is a
Message Service-specific element. It probably should have been omitted
from the EbxmlHeader anyway and placed within its own payload. We could
debate over this, but it's much easier if we just leave it out. I don't
think anyone will be carrying out Message Status Requests during the
scenarios anyway.

  This also means that if you are running code based on .21a, the only
major changes you'll have to make to upgrade to 0.93 are:

Support <Acknowledgement> functionality.
Support <ErrorList> functionality - hopefully we won't demo this!
Rename <ReliableMessagingInfo> to <QualityOfServiceInfo> and add extra
Place your old <RoutingHeader> into a <RoutingHeaderList> parent

   I'm sure there are other minor changes. We can discuss during the

   While I'm on the subject: I have attached an XLS version of Cameron
Young's "minimalist MSH implementation" spreadsheet. It outlines a few
defaults for the Message Header values, and provides clarity over the
origins and scope of the data to be placed in the Message Header
document. It's a recommended read for any developers implementing an
MSH. Bear in mind that it references MSS v0.93.

// Michael Joya
// XML Global Research and Development
// 1818 Cornwall Ave. Suite 9
// Vancouver, Canada
// 604-717-1100x230


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