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Subject: [Fwd: TRP v0.98] - - Urgent Review Reminder

TRP Version 0.98 has been sent out to the ebxml-transport list for
review.  Rik has requested major comments (not editorial, not minor)


A brief discussion of this TRP draft might be useful at the F2F; failing
that, we need commitments from people to look at the draft with our most
recent concerns in mind.  TRP said that they would address our
routability/parse the whole thing concerns in this draft.

Discussion on this list would be useful; I can take comments from the
list by Thursday evening PST, combine them, and forward to TRP.  I am
tied up completely on Friday, so later comments should go directly.



William Cox           Architecture and Standards
BEA Systems, Inc.     140 Allen Road       Liberty Corner NJ 07938
+1 908 580 3458 Voice +1 908 580 3060 FAX

All...  I am sending this out for Rik (who is at DISA this week).
Please find ebXML TRP v0.98 attached.
Unfortunately, this version represents such a major change that we could not retain tracking.  Since it is important to let everyone know about all the technical/non-editorial changes, a change-list document has also been attached.
This is a very limited Review Period -- please read carefully.   Comments must be submitted before close of business Friday (5:00pm PST).  Rik requests that only major changes be submitted this time.  Please hold minor/editorial comments for the final two-week review.  The editing team will review/compile/apply all changes over the weekend and send out a new document. 
There will be a TRP conference call Monday morning:
    TRP Conference Call -- Monday, 12 March 2001
    10am CST  for 90 minutes  20 lines
    303-228-9661     Code 9077378
The editing team will then apply any additional changes coming out of the conference call and submit the document to Team Leadership.  The document MUST go to QR no later than Friday.  We would like to get them the document by Tuesday or Wednesday if possible. 
As soon as QR returns it, the Editing team will fix anything they identified and release for the two-week ebXML-wide review
Best Regards and Thanks for all the hard work and valuable input,
David Fischer for Rik Drummond
Drummond Group.

ebXML Msg Svc Spec V0.98 030701.pdf

V098 Editing Revisions Matrix.pdf

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