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Subject: Re: Vienna Choreography


I am continuing with Mark's work as the editor of the specification for the
Vienna POC. I am starting with Mark's documents, and I will start to turn
them into the spec we need to go forward to Vienna. This document will glue
together the choreography, specifications, roles, etc. similar to what was
done for Tokyo.

Regards, Sig

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                    "Mark A. Hale"                                                                                    
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                    woven.com>              cc:                                                                       
                                            Subject:     Vienna Choreography                                          
                    02/27/2001 10:50                                                                                  
                    Please respond                                                                                    
                    to mark.hale                                                                                      

Please find my summary of the POC WG planning for Vienna that we did as a
group in Vancouver.  I hope that this document proves to be a useful
starting point for integrating the proposals that were submitted for



Mark A. Hale, Ph.D., P.E.                               408-220-7483 tel
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1195 W. Fremont Avenue                         http://www.interwoven.com
Sunnyvale, CA  94087

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(See attached file: ebXML POC Vienna Choreography v1.0.ppt)
(See attached file: ebXML POC Vienna Choreography v1.0.doc)

ebXML POC Vienna Choreography v1.0.ppt

ebXML POC Vienna Choreography v1.0.doc

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