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Subject: ebXML PoC conference call agenda -- 03/29


A reminder that there is an ebXML PoC conference call scheduled for
Thursday, March 29, 9:30-10:30 PST. The focus is on the Vienna PoC, but I
suggest that we spend a few minutes on updates from last week's London PoC
and the upcoming XML DevCon demo in NYC. We have a packed agenda, so please
try to join the meeting on time. Thank you. (call details are at the bottom
of this message)

The proposed agenda is as follows:
1. overview of agenda -- any additional topics? (2 minutes)
2. London demo report (3 minutes)
3. NYC demo update (5 minutes)
4. update from Sig on proposal v0.55 and discussion (10 minutes) 
5. status of BP/CC participation in Vienna PoC (5 minutes)
6. Dimitri Cherkassky (Commerce One) on Covisint participation (5 minutes)
7. Shimamura-san's and Iwasa-san's (Fujitsu) proposals (03/27 e-mail) on
spec versions and what to do w.r.t. security (10 minutes)
8. logistics: meeting schedule (need face-to-face? when?, etc.), deadline
for participation, etc. (10 minutes) 
9. a gentleman from the organization that is doing the networking logistics
in Vienna may join the call to solicit requirements in that area (10

Some time ago, I sent a note to those who are on the attendees list of the
Vancouver PoC meetings, to assess how many of you will be participating in
Vienna. The response has been quite positive (I've received responses so far
from the following (pardon me for any errors or omissions), in no particular
order: Fujitsu, Data Access Technologies, Schemantix, Killdara, Contivo,
Sybase, Commerce One with Covisint, Samsung SDS, NTT Communications, NTT
Data, IBM, GE Global Exchange Services, BEA Systems, webMethods, Viquity,

Here are the call details:
Date: Thursday, March 29, 2001
Time: 9:30AM-10:30AM PSA
Phone number: 334-323-4224
Passcode: 611793
Host: Philippe De Smedt


Philippe De Smedt
Viquity Corporation (www.viquity.com)
1161 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2102
(408) 548-9722
(408) 747-5586 (fax)

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