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Subject: Re: Data Sheets


> * The vendors have a better shot at implementing a nice looking
> * gui/application that can generate the payload data dynamically

I have a small Road Warrior Application, A program where a sales guy on the
road can download new product cataloguges and generate orders. It generates
and reads flat files and is very simple. Kind of Offline SFA Tool.

What do you think about using it (retail?) in the POC to generate a
Flatfile. In our case we would onvert it with the Busiess Integration
Converter into XML instance (maybe xCBL?) and then send it via ebXML
Transport component. Is that what you have in mind?

We could also do this vor a real SAP Outbound Order, but in that case we
would need internet access as I dont want to bring one of our SAP Servers to
Vienna. If you realy want to how a SAP GUI and some SAP inbound/outbound
transaction pls notify me as quickly as possible so I am alerted and can
prepare that.


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