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Subject: Re: SOAP implementation for Vienna?

Hi, Krishna and POC Members,

----- Original Message -----
From: "Krishna Sankar" <ksankar@cisco.com>
To: "jacques durand" <jacques@savvion.com>; <ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org>

> 1. User Apache/SOAP and capture the XML document via a facade pattern and
> then process it as you wish.
> 2. With Axis, one can register handlers and then the handlers will get the
> document and a context.
> 3. Process the XML document from an HTTP POST
> Options 2 and 3 are more flexible, but #1 might be faster. I don't know if
> anyone has done #1 with an ebXML TRP 0.98  document yet. I am working on
> and #3 ;-0. As the Axis project is still in it's infancy, #3 gives us some
> flexibility.
Now , I 'm implementing MSH for TR&P v0.98b using tomcat and Apache/SOAP
I encountered some problems as follows.

1. Apache SOAP's MessageRouterServlet (also RPCRouterServlet) would route
the class for processing by means of  SOAP-ENV:Body's first child element.
EBXML's message may not have a child node in SOAP-ENV:Body ,then we can't
use MessageRouterServlet class.

2.There is something wrong with Apache SOAP's envelope marshalling.
The namespaces declared in <SOAP-ENV:Envelope> don't affect the child
elements in <SOAP-ENV:Header>.

3. EBXML message is always "multipart/related" MIME message if it includes
attachments or not.
SOAPContext's writeTo method makes it be a "multipart/related" message only
if it includes attachments.

4. not good support for both syncronous and asynchronous message exchange.

I  had to solve some other minute problems related with  Apache/SOAP. Using
Apache SOAP might not be faster than using other implementation. :-(

Yuji Sakata
NTT Data Corporation

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