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Subject: Vienna POC F2F 4-17 Santa clara: Initial notes

POC Members

The first of two scheduled F2F meetings for the upcoming Vienna POC took
place at Netfish offices in Santa Clara on Tues 4/17/01.  Below, are
attendees representing their companies and other working groups.  I thank
them for their participation and cooperation.   

BEA Systems, Bill Cox
Commerce One,	Dimitri Cherkassky
Contivo,Francois Dumas
Contivo,Turochas Fuad
Cyclone Commerce (TP WG),Dale Moberg 
Cyclone Commerce Inc.,Jeff Turpin
Fujitsu,Kazunori Iwasa
GE,Lixin Qie
IBM (CC WG), Sigmund Handelman 
Ipnet,Hatem ElSebaaly
NTT Corp.,Keisuke Hata
NTT USA Inc.,Takayuki Nakao
Netfish (BP WG), Nita Sharma
Netfish,Sid Askary
Samsung SDS,Hyogil Ahn
Samsung SDs,Dongjin Kim
Savvion (Fujitsu), Jacques Durand
Savvion (Fujitsu), Keyvan Vosoughi
Sterling commerce, Bill Burcham
Sterling commerce, Sanjay Cherian
Sybase Inc., Himagiri Mukkamala
TIBCO, Michael Wang
Visa, Poly Jan
webMethods (TRP WG), Prasad Yendluri

Overall, it was a very successful planning meeting.  Roles, scenarios and
document types were determined.  Also, WG representatives gave brief, but
insightful presentations on the implementation issues with regards to the
specifications.  We did our best to insure that everyone who signed up was
given a role.  I, along will bill and Sig will review the final draft of the
document before it is posted. 

Action items:

Over the next few days there will be emails posted to the group on several

- Bill Cox to post the list of companies with roles, and find out about
those that we may have missed.  He is also coordinating the participation of
BP and CC tools for design time.

- Himagiri Mukkamala to post the issues with TRP and SOAP implementation.

- Dale Moberg to post Sample CPP/CPAs.

- Ralph Berwanger to post issues with XMLDSIG.

- Sig Handelman to post the latest draft of POC Document after a final tally
and review.

- Francois Dumas to help with the presentation flow.

It is our intention to accommodate all the willing participants.  I would
like to remind everyone that we have come a long way in 18 months and now is
time for the final push.  We need to insure that the demo in Vienna is an
inclusive, comprehensive and successful presentation.  In all likelihood,
this demo, much like our other efforts, will have a life beyond Vienna.  

Sid Askary
Chair, POC WG

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