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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: [Issues-TRP]

THe first three issues are related to earlier email about
SOAP/Apache by Sakata Yuji

1) Always have a manifest element - This is cause Apache
does the  invoke based on the first child of the SOAP
body element and sometimes messages may not have a manifest
element. Hence all ebXML messages should have a Manifest element.

2) Stick to "eb" as the namespace prefix for all ebXML elements.

3) There will be an empty payload mime body part for messages
without payload. This is cause apaches' implementation does'nt
write messages as multipart/related if there are no multiple body parts.

4) PartyID: The example around the the element definition in
the TRP spec shows as type"urn:duns.com" and the actual value
as the TEXT_NODE. But in the example at the end of spec, it's shown
as TEXT_NODE with value "urn:duns:111111" with no
type attribute. This needs to be clarified.

5) Agree on where the DUNS number comes from. Use some
arbitrarily assigned numbers ?

6) There are some issues with IBMs' implementation of XMLDSIG
which ralph pointed out. This needs to resolved by this week or
else XMLDSIG may not be used.

7) Where Schema and DTD exist, use schema as the standard.

8) Use specification as the source of information, if there is a
discrepancy between the spec and the sample. But need to
convey that to the working group.

9) All the business level conversations will be asynchronous as
the demo has user interaction.

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