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Subject: Re: Roles and Interactions on two Sequence Diagrams

One question on the HL7 scenario:
there are three arrows indicating items being collected at the portals. the 
final two are "lab order" and "lab result". the first originates from the 
PCP. Is this the "registration message" or the "clinical report document"? 
It could be either or both. If it works, I suggest sending both reg message 
and clinical report from the PCP. Alternative is to show sending report 
from hospital.



At 12:05 PM 4/25/01 -0400, Sigmund Handelman wrote:
>We have been working to get the best representation of the Roles and
>Interactions on two Sequence Diagrams for your comment. Please take a look
>at the diagrams and send back questions, comments to the list ASAP.
>This document will be in the next draft of the POC spec which should be
>going out today.
>Regards, Sig
>(See attached file: updated scenario.doc)

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