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Subject: Re: Sample HL7v3 payload

For anyone who started working with the HL7 DTDs posted last month, these 
are the same. The instances Martin has supplied are somewhat different.


At 04:43 PM 4/26/01 -0400, Martin Rose wrote:
> > I am currently linking the BP scenario to the DTD/Schema.
> > Can you send me the DTD or the HIMMS web address where I could download 
> them
>The HIMSS demo site is still hosted by hl7.org, but the file download page is
>filled with a lot of files you don't really need.
>So you won't have to sift through the listing, here are direct URLs to each of
>the DTD files you'll need for the message set:
> > (Do you need to be a member to download?)
>Not to my knowledge.
>Martin Rose, Care Data Systems
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