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Subject: POC - Our next steps

This was indeed a successful finale to our ebXML effort.  Our work, however,
will continue.  I will have more details later in the week.  In short, we
have a new home: Conformance under OASIS and Marketing as a joint effort of

I want to add a personal note that for me, it was one of the highlights of
my professional career; to be shoulder to shoulder with so many people with
whom I would work anywhere and any day of the week and again twice on
Sunday.  To all of you, I tip my hat and thank you for keeping this effort
an honest one.  I learned a great deal and can say with certainty, that
other challenges now seem a bit easier.   When we get a chance to look back
at our accomplishments, I believe history will judge us kindly.  In that
regard, the respective organizations that you work for, should take pride in
having you participate in this year and a half process.

Additionally, a special thanks goes to Nick Kassem on Sun, Mark Hale of
Interwoven and Krishna Shankar of Cisco for their previous POC efforts.
Finally, many thanks should go to the executives for believing in our
mission and having the wisdom to trust our collective effort.

Sid Askary

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