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Subject: RE: ebXML Project Team schedules from Tokyo through Vienna


Thanks. The Plenary approval schedule  is what I was looking forward.

A quick analysis shows us that delivering the entire ebXML framework
specification by May 2001 in Vienna is in deep trouble. With only one V1.0
spec approved thus far (Requirements) I see the following V1.0 specs on
schedule for plenary approval Vancouver to Vienna:

Registry Business Domain (Vancouver plenary)
Technical Architecture (Interim plenary)
Messaging Services (Vienna)
CPP/CAP (Vienna)

This leaves nothing from Business Process, Core Components, incomplete
products from Reg/Rep.

This indicates to me that the entire ebXML Framework specification product
is in major jeopardy.

Perhaps there's something here that I'm not seeing that's going to pull this
out of the fire?????


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