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Subject: RE: URLs for XMI 1.1 and CWMI?

I stand corrected on the XMI spec.   After about one hour to download a 1.8M
file on a T3 line, I found that this is NOT the current document.  I will
try to locate.


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From: Nieman, Scott [mailto:Scott.Nieman@norstanconsulting.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 1999 11:08 AM
To: ebxml-regrep@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: URLs for XMI 1.1 and CWMI?


CWMI: I believe this is not publically available at this time.  It too is an
OMG effort.  I will email Giuseppe Facchetti for information.

Bit of forewarning, the OMG site performance has been somewhat
"questionable" the last few times I hit it.

Also, I am trying to get my hands on the N086 paper that is discussed below
regarding mapping modelling techniques.  This is from the CDIF workgroup
which XMI was specifically aimed at superceding.  



Electronic Industries Association (EIA) CASE Data Interchange Format (CDIF)
Division Liaison 
Report to OMG

Date: September 16, 1998
Woody Pidcock

There are three categories of standards that have been produced by EIA CDIF:

? CDIF meta-metamodel, 
? CDIF integrated metamodel, and 
? CDIF transfer format.  
EIA CDIF has completed its technical programme of work and will sunset as a
standards committee at the 
end of calendar year 1998.  A press release on this will appear before the
end of the year.

The EIA CDIF Family of Standards became an international standards project
7.29, Software Engineering 
Data Definition and Interchange (SEDDI), within ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7/WG11 in
1994.  The final committee 
draft (FCD) ballots for these standards closed in May, 1998.

The technical work on the next generation of CDIF standards will occur
within the OMG Analysis & 
Design Task Force (ADTF) as part of the OMG process for producing publicly
available specifications.   
Specifically, the CDIF meta-metamodel will be mapped into the next version
of the OMG Meta-Object 
Facility (MOF) meta-metamodel.  The CDIF Integrated meta-model subject area
standards will be mapped 
into future OMG metamodel standards, where appropriate, in response to
future OMG RFPs, e.g. the 
Common Warehouse Metadata Interchange (CWMI) RFP.  The CDIF Transfer Format
will be mapped into 
the joint response to the OMG Stream-based Model Interchange Format RFP.
The EIA CDIF sunsetting 
press release and the EIA CDIF Website will encourage those interested in
progressing standards in these 
areas to contact the OMG ADTF.

SC7/WG11 produced an interim study period report "Interim Report of a Study
Period on Mapping 
Modelling Languages for Analysis & Design" (document WG11/N086) that is
available on the OMG 
website.  A Final Report will be produced by the end of the year.  This
report will recommend that OMG 
consider issuing an RFP for heterogeneous model interchange among differing
views of a system that have 
overlapping semantics, where a concept in one metamodel may be substituted
for an equivalent concept in a 
different metamodel.  This report will also include a mapping between the
CDIF meta-metamodel and the 
MOF meta-metamodel.

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From: Terry Allen [mailto:tallen@sonic.net]
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 5:07 PM
To: ebxml-regrep@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: URLs for XMI 1.1 and CWMI?

The IBM and OAG sites have defeated me.  Are there published specs
for XMI 1.1 and CWMI?  If so, can anyone provide URLs?

many thanks,

regards, Terry Allen

Terry Allen
Advanced Technology Group
Commerce One, Inc.
Walnut Creek, Calif.

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