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Subject: RE: Business Requirements

Scott wrote:
| This is the clip from David email (getDTD) that I like, since it uses
| classic 'getters' and 'setters' syntax.  
| <MessageRouting> 
|   <to>repository</to> 
|   <from>me</from> 
|   ... 
| </MessageRoutine> 
| <repositoryRequest> 
|   <getDTD> 
|       <id>xxx/xxx/xx/someName.dtd</id> 
|       <version>234346</version> 
|   </getDTD> 
| </repositoryRequest> 
| I prefer not to get into this level of detail until we get the requirements
| knocked out, since we could debate for days on whether the
| <repositoryRequest> tag is really an element, or whether it should be an
| attribute of <MessageRouting>; e.g., <MessageRouting
| type="repositoryRequest">.

Or any number of other things.  In general I hold strong opinions on this
sort of thing, but for the purpose of putting together a registry and
repository that works for all of us, I really don't care about style
so long as the stuff works.  

| How can I get the UML pages to everyone?  I could zip up, and email to the
| list, and have everyone extract and view with a java and frames capable
| browser.  Is that OK?  It extremely early its stages, but I think the time
| is now to see the "pictures".  There are no classes except for the actors so
| XMI encoded information is extremely limited.

I think that may be the best you can do right now; are these the diagrams
or the HTMLified view?

regards, Terry

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