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Subject: re "What is an R"

David Webber wrote:
| Thanks for finding an example that EXACTLY illustrates the point.

Yes, the point was that librarians use complex data systems, 
rather than just assigning a number to a book, as you suggested.

| This site is perfectly functional for trained librarians to use - but
| is utterly useless for normal business people.

Right.  Ordinary library users use a *different interface* based
on *the same metadata*.

[irrelevant example omitted]

| So what is this teaching us?
| That the generalized classification and searching mechanisms
| in Repositories like this is EXACTLY why they are failing to 
| deliver broad-based adoption outside of highly specialized
| niche implementations.  Dictionaries were created 500 years
| ago when printing presses were invented.  They are next to
| useless for empowering you to find information, unless you
| are prepared to do line-by-line exhaustive searches.

The document "What is a Repository Anyhow" does not talk
about interface.  So you seem to be arguing a point that
was not at issue.

| You absolutely MUST expose a business functional, directed
| searching mechanism FIRST.  This enables end-users to 
| see immediately what is available within the Repository.
| THEN they know straightaway if they have reached the right
| place to even find an answer.  Generalized searching methods
| are not adequate.

Who do you believe proposed that ebxml use a "generalized
searching method"?  Please provide a reference.

| >
| In the document I was commenting on, the point of
| departure is the modelling of business processes, which the 
| CEFACT TMWG has embraced.  If you want to take issue with that
| decision, you'll probably have to show them how you can get the
| results they think they need without the machinery they think
| they need.
| <
| As for the TMWG draft - this is only a working document and 
| has not been broadly adopted by the X12 membership.  As such
| it is clear WHY the ebXML effort needs to put the eBusiness 
| facilitation first - and YES, you can bet that I will be demonstrating
| software and XML mechanisms that do simply, inituitively and 
| effectively meet the business need here.

And all the other business needs mentioned in 


which I'll now turn to.

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