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Subject: RE: MORE: re "What is a Repository?"

David, I like this:
"Next time you walk into your local library to find a book - would you
want to be confronted by an indexing scheme based on a hybrid
meta-topic based rendering of the vectors from a  point determined
analysis of the surface mapping of the information space derived 
from the canonical Dublin-core based parsing of the electronically
scanned book content of the whole library, OR would you rather:

a) Ask the information desk?
b) Go to a simple classification by category and section that the
     librarians have assembled as they add new books to 
     the shelves?"

However, could you somehow relate this to the business requirements, either
modifying an existing requirement, or adding a new one.  To me, that is what
your comments boil down to, requirements.  Ideally a) and b) are the
interfaces, but your detail (and funny) prose is the physical

Also, could you provide more information regarding "directed searching",
such as technical references or demonstrations.  Or somehow summarize it,
point to a Web page etc.  

"Directed searching and human custodians, (as discussed at length in the
XML/edi group
document on Repositories) can far surpass the capabilites of 
robot and agent classification systems."


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